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Life Begins Before Birth

I have memories of consciousness of being in the womb. I was going to be a twin. But my twin and I both were conscious of the fact that our mother would not have the ability to bring us both to term. If indeed even one of us. My twin decided to give up his chance of incarnating in this life so I would have more of a chance to do so.

As a small child I could see into the realm of spirits. I had massive psychic visions where I saw and felt much of my life and world events ahead. Then I became lost to the trauma of that and those around me. I suffered PRE PTSD as a small child. I then lived out the ramifications of the PTSD as I grew up.

I can tell you from experience that the realities of incarnating, including the early months of a pregnancy, are very different than many assume within their lack of consciously experiencing them.

We live within a cult (culture) of society that believes things that they fail to have actual experience within. At the same time, many of those same people, deny things to be real on the basis and imagined proof that they have never experienced them.

I certainly would not expect anyone to believe any of this if they had never experienced it themselves. Though, I am now able and willing to speak to those who have also consciously suffered the ramifications of attempting to incarnate consciously in an unconscious society.

Break free from the entrainment. There is freedom from the subjugation of unconscious society.

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