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The Map is Not the Terrain

“God” is about love and compassion. For that allows us to be aligned and connected to a higher dimensional power that is bigger than labels or mere logical rationalization. It allows us to be oriented from our souls and gives us direction and abilities of response for spiritual consciousness.

The “god” of those full of anger and fear, judgment and condemnation, is a reflection of all the less than light that they hold onto themselves which they are unable to perceive beyond. Its illusionary power is within the ego of fear and less than light. It is the constructs of the lower dimensional realm. Emotional discord and imbalance is its domain. It fails to be “godly” it rules in ignorance and subjugation of the human spirit.

Love and light, the higher dimensional frequencies of light, are far greater and expansive than the density of lower dim

ensional frequencies that house less than light. Love and light is the domain of the soul and the resonation of the frequencies of our authentic spiritual vibration.

False, illusionary, “gods” have no power over the higher dimensional realm of spirit and soul. Their only power “lies” in the minds and emotional discord of those who empower them with that discord and illusion.

Those who see know there is a greater power on earth than the ignorance of those who battle in the name of a weak false illusionary “god” that feeds off and subjugates portions of humanity.

The higher dimensional realm already rules the soul of humanity in love and light. Some just haven’t awoken to spiritual consciousness to experience the truth of that yet.

Things are much better than some would attempt to make you believe with their projected ignorance.

Be at peace. Bring forward peace. Be peace. Be human. Bring peace to humanity.

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