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Dimensional Processing

One can be conscious of lower dimensional consciousness from a higher dimensional perspective. Or said another way. A higher dimensional state of consciousness can comprehend lower dimensional consciousness. Though. A higher dimensional state of consciousness resonates a frequency that lower dimensional thinking would need to raise in frequency to be able to have an ability of response of resonance to be conscious of.

When one perceives from a higher state of being, from their soul which is from a higher dimension, they see from that origin and perspective through the astral dimensions into the earth plane of where they are manifesting their physical incarnation. Often times people that see from their origins also have consciousness of previous lives before their current incarnation. If a person, much of the current cult of society, sees from within their projections then they are failing to see from their true origins. They fail to see from their souls, or have experiential consciousness of their soul, which is the space of their true being that is within a space beyond what we term time. They fail to have consciousness of their spirit. They fail to have spiritual consciousness. Our spirit astral projects, so to speak, it resonates, from our soul through spaces of time and lifetimes into what we consider the current time and we manifest our incarnation within the physical realm.

We have a projection. Our self is a projection. But we are not our projection. We are not our self but rather we are that which has a self that we project. Many are subjugated to their selves. Many are lost within their experience of life and believe that they are their experience of life. So they are subjugating their consciousness to their experience of life. Or more clearly said they are subjugating the experience of life to their limitations of consciousness of their experience of life.

We existed before our current body and we exist after we let go of this physicality that we are incarnating within. To wrap it all up. Consciousness comes from the the higher dimensions and comes from spiritual consciousness. Psychological consciousness is a lesser form of consciousness and is based within states of ego, ego states, which are limited experiential pockets of time of consciousness.

These are all things that I facilitate during circles and sessions that I offer.

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