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Dare to Come Forward within Incarnating

I believe the most important thing we can do within this incarnation is to dare to embody as fully as possible.

Some will misconstrue that to think to embody fully is to have a bigger personality or live their sexuality to its fullest. I don’t believe we are our personality or even our sexuality. So giving more power to those things risks losing our consciousness of what we truly are.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t have a personality or a sexuality. I am saying we need to be careful that we are in control of those things as opposed to them being in control of us.

Many live their experience of life subjugated to it, as if they are their experience of life. When in fact we have experiences of life. We are not the experiences. Empowerment and embodiment comes when we are able to transcend attachments and be fully connected from soul to spirit to the physical manifestations we incarnate within.

If we refuse to have abilities of response to incarnating, then other ‘things’ take the place within the space of our beings.

The more we ground our light on the earth plane the less space there is for less than light to exist. It has to transcend. The more we bring consciousness forward the more others can become conscious.

That’s what’s going on right now. So many lack the abilities of true consciousness. Consciousness is derived from the higher realms of spirit, Instead many are convolutedly lost within states of emotional and psychological consciousness. That is not true consciousness. Yet society holds that false consciousness up and subjugates spiritual consciousness in the process.

The reason so many religious people hold space for less than light and the opposite of Jesus, or their chosen leader, is because they are mentally/psychologically or emotionally spiritual. As opposed to spiritually conscious.

It can be extremely painful dealing with people these days. A big question on my mind lately. If someone interacts with me, and I can see/sense/feel they have an entity attached to them and that is part of why they are like they are. As well that is why my interaction with them is more complex and even empathically painful. Sometimes hinging on dangerous. Or completely dangerous. Do I say anything about it, even if I can sense they are not open to hearing me say what I would say. I could spiritually speak to the entity, which isn't a good idea, and that would cause a reaction with the host. I could in that moment look above the entity to the persons soul and speak to that. Though, honestly the physical person would dissociate and flip out if I did that too strongly. A person needs to have the abilities of response to being. There are lessons to be learned and abilities to be gained.

Sometimes even being conscious of what's in front of me has an effect on the entity. It's tiring limiting your consciousness around others so they don't feel threatened by their own complicity in what they allow in their lives.

Entities can be removed. Though the host has to want to deal with the issues, as to why they allow the entity to feed off of them and what they get in return from the entity. I can't just go around removing entities off people without permission as well.

So basically I just have to be prepared, at any given moment, to turn the light on as bright as I can and vibrate as high as possible as I walk through the valley of death. That’s tiring. We don’t live within a cult, culture, of society that allows people to be fully embodied. Even though some would tell you we do. Jesus/Yeshua is proof that we don’t. He was killed then and would be killed again if he were to come forward openly and not fight back. Many that claim to know him wouldn’t even recognize him if he did step forward openly. The proof of that is within their own complicity within their lives. Not much has changed since then. And no, he’s not coming to fight back. Humanities own ramifications while be their judgment.

It's tiring when people expect you to validate the illusions they so desperately cling to. There are some illusions that are dangerous and outright deadly. It would be one thing if it didn't have effects on you or others. Live and let live, or host what you want, it's your life your party. Though, your actions have ramifications for others. Ones complicity in life has effects regardless to their knowing it.

As more of society moves into numbing themselves, with all the substances out there to numb yourself with, so they don't have to have true abilities of response to being, it's going to get worse.

While many are awakening to the consciousness of their spirit. There's a trend to become desensitized, anesthetized, as opposed to having clear abilities of response to living.

I meet many people that want to learn to meditate so that they can relax into the complicity of their lives while thinking they can somehow magically escape the ramifications of their actions in life. It doesn’t work that way.

I meet people who say they want to align their energy bodies and be one within their spirit and yet they think drinking their bottles of wine and taking mind altering drugs will do that for them. Raising your energetic fields isn’t possible if you keep lowering them with things you consume or ripping holes through your auric fields with things you take.

The more we return to our abilities of response, as opposed to reacting, the more we can de thread from any convoluted attachments and illusions we are casted within. Our spirit can become consciously free and in doing so it hold and brings forth light for other spirits to become free. It can even allow the space of light to free spirits of less than light to be freed within light and love. For them to raise from the depths of darkness and transcend within the glory of the light of truth.

The light of pure unconditional love is the true life force of being. We anchor this light to the earth as we incarnate fully and allow space for others to do so as well.

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