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Keith J. Chouinard –

Psychic/Empathic Therapist

As a toddler Keith psychically saw and empathically felt much of his future life and world events that he would live through.


Seeing through his own ego states in those visions, over time, he was able to dethread from the cult/ure of society he was born into. As such. He suffered pre PTSD during his childhood and as an adult works to help others facilitate a deeper comprehension of the multidimensional realms of spiritual consciousness.

Some of the areas covered include:

Holy Fire Reiki

Reorienting from Ones Soul

Realities of Reincarnation 

Regression Therapy

Empathic Consulting

Life/Soul Spirit Coaching & Alignment



Ego State Alignment Spiritual Development 

Sessions currently must be done online via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype.  Please contact us for any personal queries