Formal Holy Fire II Reiki Training:

Keith facilitates the teaching of Reiki on an individual basis in one on one classes/circles as well as offers training shares for those wanting to work with others during parts of the training.

This training is organized with each persons time abilities in mind to be structured for when they are available as well as the availability of Keith.

Keith does not normally teach 1 or 2 day classes in Reiki but rather this more in depth guided form of Reiki training (Other than special deepening event classes or classes on retreats off site).

Keith offers Reiki Sessions and works to facilitate the teaching of Reiki for those open to learning how to allow this sacred blessing into their lives.

Often people misunderstand and think “learning Reiki” is only for those wanting to create a business/practice offering Reiki to others when in fact Reiki is a very personal sacred learning to   create a practice of working with Reiki and being with reiki for oneself which then often translates into feeling/being connected with all. 

Learning about Reiki and becoming energetically attuned to the energies of Reiki during the “attunement” process of the formal Reiki training brings the ability and awareness of what Reiki can truly offer a person when they learn to separate and discern from their personality and ego to allow the sacred truth of life to come forth.

When we continually with our free will “bathe” in the glow of the most pure forms of energy/spirit/life (Reiki) we are able to grow/empower our mind, body and spirit on all levels to heal and then are able to discern how to “hold space” for others so that they themselves with their free will can be blessed with this sacred aspect of life.

Reiki is not a religion but can greatly enhance the religion you may have and help you become closer to your spirit and beliefs.

You can and should experience Reiki for your own being.

Formal Holy Fire II Reiki Training Fees:
Level I  Course                                           $250.00  
Level II  Course                                          $300.00
Level I/II Course                                         $450.00

Holy Fire Master/Shinpiden Teacher Training $1025.00
(Includes ART/Advanced Reiki Training)

Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Training
Master/Shinpiden Training                           $1025.00
(Includes 1st, 2nd, 3rd Level)

(Please note: Fees include longer training/guidance than standard 1 or 2 day classes and also include the use of the many tools that Keith has on hand to use at his office at Transcendence.
One of Keith's class photos during a training in Stonehenge, England with William  Rand of The ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training)
Keith has been Reiki trained/attuned with several local Reiki Masters from the Central Massachusetts USA area as well as with William Lee Rand and Laurelle Shanti Gaia & Michael Baird of The ICRT "The International Center for Reiki Training".

Keith believes in reviewing classes he has already taken and receiving attunements in Reiki from other Reiki Teachers to further ones deepening of their own process with Reiki.
*Students are sometimes offered the chance to work with clients as Student Practitioners
Certificates are not guaranteed with Keith, rather a student earns their certificate.

For a student to move forward in Reiki Training they need to be open to learning how to separate their personality and ego as well as their "learned knowledge" and opinion to be able to clearly hold the space for their true selves to align with their spirit to become one with their soul and its transmission of spirit on their path of BEING.

Keith has many tools for students to use within this training to help including a bio sensor system that shows a student their chakras (energy centers) live in motion

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53 East Main Street (route 9)
West Brookfield, MA. 01585 USA
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